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    Nov 30, 2010
    Food Security Program

    Land is directly related to life and livelihood of people. Unless the justifiable rights to land is ensured, poverty, discrimination, injustice and violence cannot be abolished. In the context of Nepal, the present distribution and utility of land is unjust. One who works overnight on land and irrigates with one's sweat does not have his ownership on land and land at all. In order to ensure land rights to them and providing ownership of land to them is the present need whereas distribution and utilization of land as per the people oriented and scientific land reform is the sustainable solution of the problem.  Therefore formulation and implementation of the land policy based on land reform & agriculture reform is the main objective of this programme. Uniting the landless and people deprived of land ownership within National Land Rights Forum; various campaigns are conducted by the organization. "Safety dwelling place to all, Cultivable land to tenants" is the slogan of the Forum and its activities and campaigns are directed by the slogan.  The Forum determines that state should formulate the policy of Justifiable land distribution and common ownership of land between male and female (husband and wife)should be asserted and effective implementation of this should be ensured. Unless land rights is ensured, providing food rights, educational rights, women rights and health rights are impossible. Being able to exercise these rights is the utilization of human rights. So that uniting right holders and empowering them maintaining co-operation and co-ordination between and among agencies at local level, district level and national level; different activities and campaigns are conducted by the organization.

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